Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Legoland it is!

According to the Orlando Sentinel, they've been able to get ahold of an email that mentions Legoland's 5th location will be built at Cypress Gardens.

That didn't take long at all, only a few hours after my last post.

I still don't believe in this product. Sure, I'll probably go to Legoland once to check it out (I've been to Busch Gardens once for this same purpose) but I won't be tempted to drive out to Legoland every few months or days. That is, unless they want to hire me to be their Executive VP. Then I'd drive out there every day.

I am looking forward to what they bring - Legoland ususally brings a good number of dark rides and good experiences - plus all those little Lego recreations will certainly be fun.

I do wonder what drove them to purchase this site - it had to be a rock bottom price, as there's really no upside to its location or infrastructure - the rides that weren't sold are off the shelf designs, if they intend to keep them it'll take a lot of money to re-theme. Plus, Legoland is really all about custom built rides that are heavily Lego themed, I'd really hesitate to believe any of the old rides will stay.

I also wonder how this will affect Lego's store at Downtown Disney. Much like the speculation about Marvel Superhero Island when Disney bought Marvel earlier last year, this sends mixed messages. Lego has their own park, but they still have a presence in Disney? I'm sure the store makes a buttload of money, but I just wonder how many people will be in Downtown Disney saying "which way to Legoland?"

I am looking forward to tomorrow's press conference where Merlin will hopefully shed more details as to what the new park will look like. I guess only time will tell!

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