Monday, January 18, 2010

Cap'n Wacky World

I promised I wouldn't write about Universal again right away.

Today I keep that promise - and I share with out something a good friend of mine, Brodie Brockie, did:

Click here to visit Cap'n Wacky World!


Ready to visit the theme park that’s dreamier than Disneyland, morethrilling than Cedar Point, wetter than Sea World, knottier than Knott’sBerry Farm, and less bankrupt than Six Flags? Amalgamated Humor is proud to finally present the website of our family resort destination, Cap’n Wacky World

In reality, Cap’n Wacky World is a hilarious and detailed satire of themodern-day amusement park. In its extensive list of attractions, shows,dining locations, and ubiquitous giftshops, you’ll find parodies of the Disney family of parks, Sea World, Six Flags, and all the also-rans.

At the heart of Cap’n Wacky World is Five Points Park, our premiere themepark, and an intensely-themed amusement destination divided into six distinct sections: Sea Point, Kiddie Point, Thrill Point, Education Point, Giftshop Point, and Lighthouse Court. Five Point Park is the home of such famous rides as the spooky Retirement Mansion, the overly-traditional Grimm’s Traditional Fairy Tales, and the now-closed It’s a World of Ethnic Stereotypes, plus shows like The Giant Mermaid, the allegedly-educational Kablooey: The Musical, and the humiliating Shame-oo The Killer Whale, and much, much more.

Sea Point and Giftshop Point are now open for guests. In the coming weeks, we’ll reveal the rest of the park with Kiddie Point opening onJanuary 22, Thrill Point on January 29, and Education Point and Lighthouse Court both opening on February 5th. Check out the full list of attractions, shows, dining locations, and more in each of the park’s sections, and you’ll want to visit Cap’n Wacky World so badly that you’ll wish it wasn’t fictional.

Cap’n Wacky World is the latest creation from Cap’n Wacky’s Boatload ofFun, the ten-year old internet humor diversion that previously brought the world hits like the Gallery of Unfortunate Valentines, the Parade of Unfortunate Star Wars Costumes, The Deadly Follies of Stick Figure Warning Man, eGad, and lots more.

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